Childhood Cancer International (formerly The International Confederation of Childhood Cancer Parent Organizations, ICCCPO)

PKW founders attended The Annual Conference of International Confederation of Childhood Cancer parent Organizations (ICCCPO) at Ireland in 2003.  In this meeting, they met numerous parents from around the world who experienced the same misfortune of losing their beloved child.  Even though some parents were come from the low-income countries with limited resources, they were still passionately to share their experiences and look forward to improving the global situation of childhood cancer patients.  In 2004, PKW became a member of ICCCPO and Mr. Benson Pau was endorsed to be the chairman of ICCCPO from 2008 to 2011.

Benson longs for higher level of international childhood cancer awareness through international collaborations. In 2010, the milestone to ICCCPO since its establishment in 1994 as a non-profit organization, the Economic and Social Council of United Nations (UN ECOSOC) granted a special consultative status to ICCCPO to  participate in discussion and express opinions.  In 2011, on behalf of ICCCPO, Benson attended the UN General Assembly to discuss prevention and control on issues related to Non-communicable Diseases (NCD).  Benson believes it’s a long journey to fight for anti-cancer and we need to cooperate internationally to take control of cancer together.  In 2012, as the director of ICCCPO, Benson visited untiringly to Hue in Vietnam, Jakarta in Indonesia, and London in England and so on to spread this important message.

In April 2012, Benson represented ICCCPO met with key World Health Organization (WHO) officials, Dr. Oleg Chestnov, the Assistant Director-General (NCD’s and Mental Health) to have further discussions on increasing awareness for early diagnosis of childhood cancers and making childhood cancer medicines available and accessible. In addition, a WHO-ICCCPO joint publication relating to childhood cancers was presented.